Best Tips for Lowest Auto Loan Rates

While buying a new or old car we have to spend a vast amount of money. But we can also buy such one without a less or even no initial payment. This has met up the scarcity of a vehicle of a middle class family. And now all can have a car taking loan from any company who is willing to provide Auto Loans. But before taking car loan you must think about the facilities you are getting from them. You can get the best opportunity by learning the policies of different companies.

The rate of interest of auto loans is most important. As you have to carry this debt for a long time so you must calculate your total expense before taking the loan. You must know about the right time of borrowing. The lenders provide loan as the prime interest rate defined by the Federal Reserve. So it is better to borrow when the prime interest rate is low. Many people do not think about the interest rate. So if you think it you must get an extra benefit.

It is also true that people having a good credit gets the best rate. Because there lays a matter of down payment. You can even buy a car with no down payment but it will be much loss for yourself. If you can afford to give a good down payment and a handsome installment monthly then you are likely to get the best rate. If you have bad credit, you will have to make more interest. Lower rate can be possible to obtain in case of buying old cars. So you must concern it. As we know short time payment policy ensures lower rate, so you should try your best to keep the policy as shorter as possible. You can visit some banks and lender companies and discuss about their rate and negotiations. Internet can greatly help you in this extent. Here you can easily compare many companies at a time and make your right decision at your home.

I think if you follow the above rules you will be able to get a good interest rate for your vehicle loan.

How to Get the Lowest Auto Loan Interest Rates

Most of the people need Loans if they want to buy a new car. Many companies now-a-days shows a great interest in providing automobile loans to their consumers. But you should find out the best opportunity. You have to compare the facilities provided by the lender companies. You should certainly receive the loan from only that company which ensures you best facilities.

First of all you have to study the offers provided by the financing companies and negotiate their terms. This will help you to select a lowest interest rate. If you make your homework on several companies’ terms and conditions, you will never get a good loan. You have to compare them by requesting for quotes. It is an efficient way to search through internet. Here is more chance to compare many companies at a time. There are many online brokers to convince you to their companies. But you don’t get impressed on them blindly. You yourself think of every opportunity and then start talking with brokers. You always ought to give your accurate information because difference of a minute can give you a great less rate. You should also think of your monthly income and afford to pay the company monthly. It is also found that in case of short term loan the interest rate is low and it is high for long term payment. If you have the ability to pay a larger installment then you should certainly take that and thus you can save your cost. It is a great fact that large down payment ensures a less interest and zero or minimum down payment needs a larger interest rate.

So always remember that the more your credit rating, the less your interest rate. If you have poor credit, you need to carry higher interest. Take these all things in mind while taking auto loan.

Refinance Auto Loan Rates

Are you considering refinancing your car? If so, you probably want to get the best auto loan refinance rates. Below is a review of the four most recommended auto loan refinance lenders.


The best thing about up2drive is that their process is easily understood and they have no application fees. Currently, their auto loan refinance rates range between 3.69% and 4.49%. If you make your payments through electronic means, you receive an extra 0.5% APR discount. However, up2drive requires that:

  •  The mileage of the vehicle you are looking to refinance be below 75,000 miles
  • The vehicle shouldn’t be for business or commercial use. It must be a personal vehicle.


RoadLoans is a lender that offers all types of credit. For those who have a credit score of 650 and below, RoadLoans may just be the best option. However, even if you are a prime credit customer, they will still offer you a competitive rate. In addition to the competitive rates, RoadLoans also offers the following features.

  •  Fast payment of loans does not incur prepayment penalties
  • You can get up to $5000 in cash
  • Documents are processed electronically to hasten the whole process
  • You can skip the first payment up to 60 months


On MyAutoLoan, the first thing you have to do is complete their free online application form. The rates currently displayed on their website range between 2.79% – 4.75%. However, as soon as they receive your application form, you will receive a number of autoloan refinance offers. Besides being easy and fast, their online application is also secure. If for one reason or another you decide not to refinance your car with them, there are no hidden obligations or fees.

Some of MyAutoLoan’s car refinance requirements include:

  •  The minimum amount financed must be $7500
  • The maximum term is 72 months.


Rategenius is a loan brokerage company that aims to bring together borrowers and lenders. Once you receive an offer from RateGenius you should also expect to receive a loan package via email or regular mail from the actual lender. The best thing about RateGenius is that they enable you to save money on monthly car payments and reduce your interest rate. In fact, the average monthly saving on RateGenius is $60 and the average reduction in interest rates is 3.81%.

Some of Rate Genius’ requirements include:

  • A maximum mileage of 80,000 miles.
  • The vehicle must not be more than 7 years old.
  •  Balance due on the vehicle must be $10000 or more.

The Best auto loan rates

Auto loan rates determine how much you will end up paying for your car. The higher the auto loan rate, the more you end up paying for your car. Shopping around for the best auto loan rate can save you thousands of dollars when it is all said and done. Currently we are experiencing the lowest auto loan rates since 1985. This means it is a good time to finance a car and get locked into a great rate. Even though rates are low across the board, there still are lenders that have better deals. Let’s take a look at some of the best auto loan rates.

The average auto loan rate for a 60-month new car loan is currently at 5.58 percent. For a 48-month new car loan you can expect to have an average rate of 5.53 percent, not that much different from the 60-month rate. If you are looking at a used car loan, the average rate for 36-month loan is 6.43 percent. Like previously noted, these rates are the lowest they have been in a long time.

Now that we have seen the averages, let’s look at the lows. Bank of America has a 60-month new car loan available at 2.99 percent. That is followed up by Capital One and there 3.47 percent for the same loan. For used car auto loan rates Bank of America leads the way again with a 60-month rate of 3.49 percent. Second behind them for the same used car loan is Hughes Credit Union with a 3.75 percent rate. These lenders will want you to meet certain criteria to qualify for these rates.

These rates held steady from last week and there isn’t any clear indication that they will get any lower. These very well could be the lowest rates and they may start to rise again. What is certain is that if a person is in the market for a car, now is a great time to buy.

Find The Lowest Auto Loan Rates

lowest auto loan ratesNaturally, everyone wants to get the best deal they possibly can on an auto loan. When buying a car, you want to get the lowest auto loan rates possible. Many people will settle rather than negotiate, which will result in a higher loan rate. By following these tips and negotiating, it is possible to get extremely low rates.

Since the automotive industry is not doing so well, dealerships all over the United States are offering amazing incentives. Incentives could be anything from no interest on a loan to a pricing special. With all of these deals going on, now is clearly a good time to buy a car.

Before you go to purchase a car, check your credit report and credit score. If you know your credit score then you will know about how much interest you should pay, therefore you should be able to tell if the auto dealer is trying to make a profit off of you by charging you a higher interest rate than you deserve. Check your score a few months before you try to buy a car, this way if there is a discrepancy you will have ample time to correct it.

If you can, secure financing before you even begin car shopping. If you arrive at the dealership with the funds to buy, you will be able to negotiate a better price because the dealer wants you to finance with them. They may offer a better loan rate so that you will finance with them.

Do some research and familiarize yourself with current interest rates. The government sets what is called a prime interest rate which lenders base their rates on. If you know the prime interest rate it will give you a baseline idea of what your interest rate should be and you will be able to negotiate if you think it is set too high.

Do not buy a car at the first dealership you visit. The more you shop around, the more likely you are to get a great deal. Since dealerships and manufacturers compete with each other you will be able to negotiate a lower price and maybe even start a bidding war between two dealerships.

Auto Loan Interest Rates

When looking for the lowest auto loan rates, do some research and compare financing companies to find which ones offer the lowest rates based on your situation.

Request multiple quotes from as many financing companies as possible to compare interest rates. You have to read the fine print when comparing quotes to see which companies offer the lowest rates based on your finances and your credit score. Use online tools, which let you compare auto rates provided by banks and other financial institutions.

You might qualify for a lower interest rate at the dealership if you obtain your financing from a private lender. If you can get pre-approved for a car loan, this will increase your chances of getting a lower interest rate from your dealership. Dealerships see pre-approved buyers, as someone with money to spend, they will cater to you.

When the prime interest rate is low, you can demand a lower interest rate on your auto loan. While some auto manufactures are offering zero down deals to lure new car buyer this is not a good way to get a lower interest rate.

If you can afford to make a large down payment this will save you money. Aim at making your down payment 20% or higher, this will qualify for a lower interest rate, even if you have some minor credit issues.